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Enhance your system today with the means of tomorrow.


With an engineering background we offer you the latest scientifc tools, methods and know-how to design and improve your system.


Delimited by spatial and temporal boundaries, systems englobe different, numerous entities and subsystems. Man-made systems pursue an aim, which they are designed for.

By Complexity Science

Complexity science is an emerging discipline providing transversal and interdisciplinary approaches to deal with complex systems of any kind.


Current systems are facing an accelerated trend towards complexity: networks and dynamic interactions become ubiquitous due to the ongoing digitalisation of society. 

Our aim is to help you to improve your system and processes by applying latest state of the art methodologies, inspired from  transdisciplinary experience and beneffiting from succesfully applied systemic approaches.


What we provide...

Modelling and simulation

Represent your system virtually

Modelling and simulation using a complex systems approach (for example agent-based models) allows to better understand and study your system. Carrying out virtual experiments on the models we can consider "what-if" scenarios, without impacting or even harming your real system.

Exploration and analysis 

Understand what is really going on

Todays systems face a large degree of complexity. Using models and tools we are able to provide an in-depth exploration of your system, better identifying relationships between cause and effects and proposing you where the improvement potential lies precisely.

Management and controllability

Increase your performance

Natural systems such as colonies or populations have been described and better understood by complexity science. However, man-made systems need to be managed to efficiently achieve their objectives. We develop innovative ways to improve your controllability through distributed management strategies, swarming solutions or self organised systems.


Enhance your business and discover the added value looking at it from a complexity point of view.


Enrique Kremers is an electrical engineer (PhD) with several years of experience in the energy field. He is responsible for the intelligent energy systems cluster at the European Institute for Energy Reserach, a team dedicated to modelling and  simulation of energy systems. Enrique has a strong intercultural background, being fluid in several european languages and used to work in international teams.

At this moment he is active as a freelance engineer providing complexity science based approaches to enhance performance of various kind of systems from different fields. Founder of Dr. Kremers - Complex Systems Engineering, his aim is to offer high qualitative, innovative engineering solutions to real world problems.

Publications (extract):

Modelling and Simulation of Electrical Energy Systems through a Complex Systems Approach using Agent-Based Models